I don t think that 30 y/o s really have to work at it much more than 20 y/o s to be hot. Last winter I dated a guy who dissed the national parks because he had visited ancient ruins all around the world. Since I am on long term low energy diet, I also take nutrition pills everyday for minerals and vitamins. @anonymous girls I m sorry you felt my comment was in any way derogatory. I think I did too much damage to my body during that time that no amount of anything will turn me pretty. Whenever a woman starts going on about traveling, I automatically assume that she is self-centered, as most of the women I meet who travel a lot really do seem to be very in to themselves. But as you say many younger women ignore me as too old as well – the market will dictate what you can get. 2% of the never married 35-39 y/o never-married white females from 2005-07 got married within the next 5 years.

I had an appointment where I needed to get my hair done but my normal hair dresser was all booked, so I had to go someplace else. And thanks for appreciating my advice and comments. Probably will be more useful for you though to forget about him and find someone else that is single and really examine why you find you have a connection with so few men. 32+ are very happy to have a hot 20 yr old and they are also really happy that I am not like other 20 yr olds and value commitment. Id much rather marry a guy 4-7 years older and look forward to him becoming a silver fox. Delete J, when you say good looking women in their twenties have lots of options of guys their age to marry you re right ugly women internet dating. Some of the posters (mostly men it seems) seem to think that because we (and many others) say we look younger, we re disillusion or something. As in other situations, don t go for someone way out of your league or they ll likely just want casual sex if anything.

:)Delete Yes, in the end it is about two people really loving each other and being attracted so even if someone is out of your league but loves you and is devoted then it doesn t matter ugly women internet dating. Yet women I meet too often launch into proving their worth by unknowingly waving all of the red-flags. 4% of 35-39 y/o s never married in 2007 to 11..
. It is an intimidating thing to do, and not all men have the balls. I live in LA, the mecca of Hollywood, so I would say people are more on the attractive side here than anywhere else in the US. ...

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